Invitation Suite Anatomy


You set a date and now you want to let the world know! You start looking at wedding invites and find the perfect one. But what is a response card, reception card or even an info card? Class is in session as we look at all the inserts that are part of an invitation suite.

card_envelope3From the Gold and Pink Coral Wedding Invitation Suite


Wedding response cards or RSVP’s allows guests to communicate back to you if they will be attending or not.

Invitations allow you to communicate with your invited guests the date and time of the wedding. The wedding response card, or RSVP, allows guests to communicate back to you if they will be attending or not. On these cards, guests will tell you whether or not they will be attending, their name(s), how many will be attending and what their meal choice will be at the reception.

Foxy Note: Make sure to include the return date your guests need to send the RSVP’s back to you.



For wedding ceremonies that have different guest lists for the wedding ceremony and reception -or- are having the wedding ceremony and the reception in two different locations.

This is a like a second invitation. Many couples may have different guest lists for the wedding ceremony and reception.  A private wedding ceremony made up of close family and friends and then work colleagues at the reception. Also if you are having your wedding ceremony and the reception at two different locations. While the invitation contains wedding ceremony information, the reception card specifies the location and time of the reception celebration.



Essential if you have out-of-town guests or guests that are not familiar with the area.

For people like me that are slightly directionally challenged, ok very directionally challenged, it is essential to include directions or a map as part of your invitation suite. Not all of your guests will know the area, especially if you are having out-of-town guests. Please no photocopies. These inserts should match the rest of your invitation suite and be the same style.

FOXY NOTE: double check your facts before having them printed. You do not want an error on your venue location.



Accommodation cards include detailed travel information and are important for destination or for local weddings with many out-of-town guests.

Accommodation cards include detailed travel information for your guests, including nearby airports, attractions, hotel options and rental car agencies. Also if you have blocked off a number of rooms at a hotel or reserved rental cars in their names, you will want to provide this information on the accommodation card.


From the Joshua Tree Desert Oasis Sage and Pink Couples Wedding Invitation Suite


Many couples have websites where their guests can find out more information about the wedding.

A simple card that provides the web address could be included within the invitations. The site could allow guests to RSVP for the wedding, give them details about the rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception and provide directions, hotel accommodations and rental car information.

Make sure to kick off planning with a simple list of all the items you will need to include within your wedding invitation suit because having all the items listed above helps give your guest’s an amazing experience even before they arrive at your wedding.

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